Spatial Code has a contemporary design approach that secures an alluring synergy in the surroundings. 

The synergy between your purpose and identity is a direct link to how Spatial Code work in the creative field within the traditions of Scandinavian design and a contemporary international approach.

The results are straightforward long-lasting and pure solutions with high functionality, a clear statement and an exquisite impact.

Architecture and Design

* Residential incl. interior design, spaceplanning, technical installations, facade and exterior design. 

* Offices incl. interior design, spaceplanning and implementing a modern workspace. 

Furniture Design

We design bespoke furniture to your project to meet the functionality your space needs and for an enhancement of your identity and personal expression.


Spatial Code works as a Consultant for companies within the interior industry creating identity and building brands. Because of Natalia's previous work in the advertising, film and web industry she has an extended understanding of Strategy and Visual Communication.